man and woman doing box jumps, a type of plyometric exercise

Plyometrics 101

Should I include plyometrics in my weekly workouts? Depending on what your goals are, you might have to. Plyometrics, also known as ‘jump training,’ is a form of exercise that has been used develop greater physical power and sports performance by enhancing muscle strength, speed and agility. Usually, plyometric exercises are body-weight movements that emphasize the strength-shortening cycle (SSC). With the purpose of explaining what … Continue reading Plyometrics 101

Group of girl friends in bikinis strolling through the beach

Summer: Bikini Prep Quick Tips

Shorts, tank tops, bikini bottoms… mhmmm sounds like summer is in the air! It’s exciting to witness the change of the seasons and knowing that it won’t be long until we can enjoy our time in the sun. After all, we’ve been preparing for the countless beach trips, tanning sessions and random road trips all year long. In fact, I bet most of you already … Continue reading Summer: Bikini Prep Quick Tips

Meal of avocado, eggs, tomatoes, asparagus, celery and beacon.

What is the Ketogenic Diet? Is It Right For You?

Throughout time, the idea that athletes need to rely on a high-carb diet to maintain muscle glycogen to be able to perform high intensity and endurance exercises has been common-knowledge. However, most of the diets that are currently gaining momentum proclaim the opposite. As new evidence points to the benefits of a LCHF (low-carb, high-fat) diet, many are unsure about which method to follow. The … Continue reading What is the Ketogenic Diet? Is It Right For You?

Whey protein powdered and five quest protein bars of different flavors.

Are Meal Replacements Good For You?

Once upon a time, meal replacements were exclusively made for athletes in need of replenishment. Today, however, they’ve made their way into mainstream markets targeting every-day consumers pursuing either a healthier lifestyle or a weight-loss aid. In fact, supermarkets devote an entire section to meal replacement alternatives, such as whey protein shakes, snack bars, protein cookies and so on. As a generation that’s known for … Continue reading Are Meal Replacements Good For You?

Blonde woman lifting weights at the gym

Six Reasons Why You Should Lift Weights

The other day, I was speaking to a colleague of mine about her workout routine. She told me that she had lost 11 pounds since the last time we saw each other. Intrigued by her results, I asked her how long it had taken her to lose the weight and which method of exercise she used to do so. “Usually, I run an hour on … Continue reading Six Reasons Why You Should Lift Weights

Spinach salad with cranberries, cheese and onions.

Being Busy Doesn’t Give You the Right to Be Unhealthy

How wonderful would it be for our day to turn out exactly the way we planned? I mean, wouldn’t it be great if we could get out of work at four, get to the gym at five, and be home for dinner around seven every single day? Yes, it would be… but it’s rarely ever going to happen. Life is unpredictable, which means that we … Continue reading Being Busy Doesn’t Give You the Right to Be Unhealthy

The ‘Waist-Training’ Controversy: Unleashing the Truth

The female mind is a force to reckon with. It’s stubborn, yet influenced by countless trends and individuals. The need to belong coupled with the desire to be beautiful is what makes women every business’ dream. Companies are aware of the challenges and insecurities women face as they compete with each other, which is why they’re experts at launching products that feed on self-doubt. Today, … Continue reading The ‘Waist-Training’ Controversy: Unleashing the Truth

New Recipes For Your Favorite Dishes

What’s for lunch? Chicken and broccoli… again. Have you ever been on a diet for so long that you’ve found yourself eating the same food every single day? It’s like you’re trapped inside a strict health bubble that you can’t bust out of. There’s no variety whatsoever! Salmon. Chicken. Repeat. Booooring. Honestly, it’s time for you to spice things up. Eating healthy doesn’t have to … Continue reading New Recipes For Your Favorite Dishes

The Truth About Product Labels

Three hours… that’s how long it takes to grocery shop nowadays. As the health movement has gathered momentum, skepticism surrounding the food that we buy has increased. Customer loyalty is being tested as people are starting to evaluate product alternatives according to factors such as calories, ingredients and quality. Never before have companies been pressured to change their product formula like they are now. As … Continue reading The Truth About Product Labels

Are You Addicted To… Sugar?

Addiction: Compulsive need for and use of habit-forming substance characterized by tolerance and well-defined psychological symptoms upon withdrawal You’ve probably heard about people being addicted to hard-core drugs, like cocaine and heroine, or alcohol. Rarely, however, do you hear about people being addicted to sugar. After all, we all need a certain amount of sugar to survive, unlike other drugs. Furthermore, sugar comes from the … Continue reading Are You Addicted To… Sugar?

Skin Care and Nutrition Go Hand-in-Hand

Ugh. That’s the sound of frustration coming out of your mouth after you’ve woken up with a brand new pimple. After giving it some thought, you can’t seem to figure out why you’re breaking out. Is it stress? Are you in that time of the month? Or…. is it because of what you’ve been eating? Over the years, I’ve read several articles that claim that … Continue reading Skin Care and Nutrition Go Hand-in-Hand