#1 Reason Why You Can’t See Your Abs

“I don’t understand what’s going on. I train my abs EVERY DAY but I still can’t see them!”

You’d be surprised how many people fail at getting a six-pack by doing hundreds of crunches. Those poor, misguided souls think that by doing fancy abdominal exercises, they’ll be able to have Zac Efron’s Baywatch torso. Unfortunately, it turns out that training isn’t the only factor that’s required to getting visible abs.

Before we dive deeper into that statement, let me ask you something…

Have you ever seen a man or a woman that doesn’t do any targeted abdominal workouts but has a six-pack?

I know you have, so how do you explain that?

Well, there might be a couple of reasons why…

  1. They have a low body-fat percentage
  2. They’re involved in a sport that works their core
  3. They have a clean diet
  4. They consistently burn more calories than what they consume

That being said, what do you think is the #1 reason why you’re not seeing your abs?

Your diet isn’t as clean as it should be

I know what you’re thinking.

I, too, have seen people who are shredded that eat like crap. In fact, those people are all over social media preaching the ‘if it fits your macros’ (IIFYM) philosophy. It’s easy to be tricked into thinking that your eating habits don’t have to change for your body to change.

If it fits your macros fitness meme

So, to clear some things up, the first thing that I want you to understand is that the IIFYM philosophy is based on a 90/10 or an 80/20 diet.

What that means is that those people that take a picture of their pizza on Instagram and title it ‘if it fits your macros’ are only showing you 10 or 20% of their diet. Truth is, the majority of their meals are extremely healthy, so don’t be fooled into thinking that’s all they eat. Also, keep in mind that most people who are involved in bodybuilding competitions drink multiple supplements to speed up their metabolism.

Bottom line is, you can’t base your diet and lifestyle on people that you see only on social media. You need to clean up your diet to get the abs you want.

Now that I’ve cleaned up my diet, what do I do to get well-defined abs?

Once your diet is on point, it’s time to start training your abs to get the definition you seek. The best ab routine you can do is one that incorporates both low weight, high reps and high weight, low reps exercises. Also, you need to find a routine that targets each section of your abdomen.

Shredded Woman, Image via TumblrLadies, keep in mind that by using weight when performing ab exercises, you’ll develop a thicker waist. Your body will probably end up looking a bit square because your obliques will stick out and your abs will expand. Now, don’t take this as a sign to eliminate weight-training from your ab workouts. Simply be on the lookout for how your body reacts to them.

Regarding exercises, the ones I highly recommend are planks and stomach vacuum!


Do you have an ab routine you’d like to share?

How did you get your abs?

Feel free to comment below!



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