Summer: Bikini Prep Quick Tips

Group of girl friends in bikinis strolling through the beach

Shorts, tank tops, bikini bottoms… mhmmm sounds like summer is in the air!

It’s exciting to witness the change of the seasons and knowing that it won’t be long until we can enjoy our time in the sun. After all, we’ve been preparing for the countless beach trips, tanning sessions and random road trips all year long. In fact, I bet most of you already have a swimsuit picked out for your first dip in the pool.

As one would expect, summer tends to bring out a handful of visitors to our nearby gym. Suddenly, everybody and their grandmother is on a health kick as if only six weeks was enough time to lose the weight that they’ve gained throughout the year.

Don’t get me wrong, I like to see people motivated as much as the next guy. The problem that I have is when people stop exercising after summer has begun. You see, being fit shouldn’t have an expiration date. Fitness is a lifestyle, not a finish line that you need to cross and be done with. It’s a process that requires time and patience to see your body transform before your eyes.

My point is that if you choose to start exercising, don’t do it because you have to look better than Suzy in that polka-dot bikini that Bryan likes. Do it because you want to better the rest of your life. News flash, summer is only three months out of the year. Why would you want to be healthy and look good for one-fourth of the year when you could feel and look just as good all the time?

Nevertheless, if you choose to start your bikini prep, here are some suggestions.

  1. Diet is everything – don’t expect to lose the weight just by lifting weights
  2. Ladies, upper body is a must! – That butt may look nice, but so do those toned arms
  3. Change up your workouts
  4. Add HIIT training once or twice a week
  5. Don’t eat less, just better
  6. Make it a group activity
  7. Hydrate!
  8. Don’t do anything drastic – results take time
  9. Vegetables and protein are a major key *DJ Khaled voice*

I will be posting summer workouts soon. I apologize for being a bit MIA. When you work as much as I do, breathing is a luxury!

Leave me comments about the type of workouts and training tips you’d like to see. I love to give you whatever advice you might need!




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