Good Nutrition Can’t Be Replaced By Supplements and Vitamins

Most of us tend to associate nutrition with weight-loss, but we fail to consider the additional benefits that a good diet can provide.

Healthy fruit salad with avocado, eggs, tomatoes, zucchini and spinach

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the best source of vitamins and minerals you can get is from food itself. Most of the problems your body experiences have to do with your nutritional habits. No capsule, pill, remedy or prescription is going to give you the health benefits of a good diet.

“Every time you eat or drink, you are either feeding disease or fighting it.” – Heather Morgan, MS, NLC

As the health movement has gained momentum, I’ve noticed an increase in the number of people buying vitamins, supplements and weight-loss capsules. While I’m grocery shopping on Saturday, I like to peek inside the carts of people passing by me in the health aisle. Unsurprisingly, their cart is filled with supplements and vitamins, yet their actual food items are processed foods filled with artificial flavoring.

Although supplements and vitamins are necessary to an extent, people need to understand that food and nutrition topples those items in terms of importance. Most of us tend to associate nutrition with weight-loss, but we fail to consider the additional benefits that a good diet can provide.

Apart from losing weight, a proper diet can…

  • Regulate hormones
  • Clear skin
  • Give great hair and nails
  • Improve mood
  • Increase brain function and awareness
  • Better sleep
  • Increase energy levels
  • Better immune health
  • Improve overall health

In my personal experience, when I made the decision to change my diet, my life got a whole lot easier. I used to worry about things that I thought weren’t under my control, such as pimples, dull hair and a lack of energy. Now, I know that my body reacts to the foods I’m feeding  it. Basically, I’m completely responsible for how I look and feel.

My point is, you have to treat your body like it’s a brand-new Maserati. You have to give it the best fuel, care and maintenance that you can.

Vegetable stand at the supermarket

Instead of spending all that money on supplements and vitamins, try to allocate some of those resources to your grocery budget. Buy raw, wholesome foods instead of canned, processed foods. I can assure you that you’ll see a major difference within a few weeks.

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