How to Get Rid of Under-Butt Cellulite

One thing that I used to struggle with when I was younger was that horrible under-butt cellulite. I used to think that the amount of cellulite in my body was directly correlated with my weight, but then I started noticing that women who were much smaller than me were suffering from it too. So, what exactly is cellulite?

In its most basic definition, cellulite stands for those fat deposits that tend to cause dimpling in your skin by pushing through connective tissue. Unfortunately, women are more prone to have cellulite than men. Furthermore, the appearance of cellulite has to do with a number of factors that go beyond your weight, such as genetics, hormones and so on.

Let me just say that cellulite has to be one of the most annoying things ever, because we all want to have smooth skin throughout. Personally, I can’t afford cellulite treatments and I don’t believe in pills that claim to get rid of it. The only way I know how to battle cellulite is through exercise that targets those areas that I’m struggling with.

Let’s talk about under-butt cellulite.

As you all know, I’m quad-dominant. Every time I had leg day, I would spend most of my time working my quads rather than spending an equal amount of effort on my hamstrings. By neglecting my hamstrings, I failed to target my under-butt cellulite. After a couple of weeks of trying the same routine and not seeing any changes, I decided to split my leg workouts into 1) quad day and 2) hamstring day, which would allow me to focus more on my troubled areas.

I highly encourage all of you that suffer from under-butt cellulite to try devoting an entire workout session to your hamstrings. You have no idea how much of a difference it makes for your body. Although exercise won’t get rid of your cellulite overnight, it will certainly make a difference.

Here are some of my favorite exercises on hamstring day to target your under-butt cellulite.

  1. Stiff-legged dead lifts (absolute favorite)
  2. Single-leg dead lift
  3. Lying leg-curl
  4. Cable kick-backs
  5. Laying leg-press
  6. Lunge kick-back
  7. Lying dumbbell hamstring-curl
  8. Kneeling hamstring leg-curl (if you happen to have one in your gym, USE IT!)

Next time you have leg day, spend some time emphasizing your hamstrings. I know we’re all guilty of devoting most of our leg day to squats, but let’s try to balance our workout between quads and hammies. It will make a difference, trust me.




Author: ManuelaMariaC_

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