Spring Break Dream Body

Group of girl friends in bikinis strolling through the beach

As you all know, spring break is upon us.

To be quite honest, we’re all excited to take a break from school to enjoy the sun with our friends and drink a beer or two. Now, don’t get too excited. It’s all fun and games until we realize that our body isn’t in top-notch shape after we try on those cute bikinis at Victoria Secret. Suddenly, all we can think about is losing those extra pounds before we hit the beach.

After trying some pretty desperate measures, such as wearing sweatsuits, starving and going to the gym three-times a day, we finally give up. There’s just no way that we can be bikini-ready in that short amount of time. If we had just started dieting a bit sooner, maybe, just maybe… we could’ve achieved our goal. So, why didn’t we?

I don’t know what it is about special occasions like spring break or New Year’s that make us want to look our best. I mean, shouldn’t we want to look like that ALL the time? I believe so. I understand that for some reason, people tend to get an extra-dose of motivation during those holidays, but honestly… it never lasts. They’ll go to the gym a week straight and then ‘reward’ themselves by skipping a couple of days thereafter.

It’s a vicious cycle.

You have to understand that the additional weight you’ve put on within the past couple of months won’t vanish within the next couple of days. I don’t care what the Kardashians or some TV ad tells you, losing weight is a process that’s accomplished by putting in work and being patient. You have to start prepping your body beforehand. Stop trying to find an easy-fix or a quick way to achieve your dreams.

Once you started reading this, you probably thought I was going to give you “6 tips to a spring break body,” or some other b.s. people try to sell you on. Well, I’m sorry to disappoint but I haven’t discovered such a magic trick yet. All I can tell you is that you’ll eventually get the body you desire NATURALLY through a healthy diet, constant exercise and weightlifting.

It might be too late for you to get those abs in a week, but it’s not too late to start working on your summer body. Take next week as motivation for what you want to look like. Start today. You don’t need a special holiday to motivate you. It’s all about mind over matter.

I hope you enjoy your spring break. I truly do. I hope you’re happy with enough with your body to show it off, but just in case you’re not… that’s completely fine. You have time to make a change. It’s all about choosing when to start and not giving up.





Author: ManuelaMariaC_

I'm a digital tech nerd with a passion for fitness, nutrition and a healthier life style! You can find me in every social media site, but check out my blog first! www.healthybodyfitmind.blog

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