Full Leg Day Workout

Okay guys, today’s post is short but has some very important information. If you’re looking for a new leg day routine, bear with me!

I don’t know about you, but I like to finish my week with the hardest workout I can possibly think of. Personally, I think that Fridays are meant to relieve the stress you’ve accumulated during your week, and they set the tone for the rest of your weekend.

That being said, I can’t think of anything more painful yet gratifying than working legs on a Fri-YAY. Therefore, I’ve taken it upon myself to write a detailed workout for you guys to try. Now, you know I’m all about super-sets and little to no rest, so you better be prepared.

Before we begin, please remember to do some stretching. Also, I recommend warming up before hand. Remember, lifting is not a competition. You should lift as much as you can with good form and a decent amount of reps. Stop trying to out-do your friends.

Now, I like to start my workouts by performing the heaviest and most challenging exercises first so that I’m not too tired later on to lift as much as I know I can. With each exercise, take your time and focus on that mind-muscle connection. Avoid resting in-between.

* If there are two or more exercises listed on the same line, do them back to back!

Let’s begin…

Narrow heavy squats on squat rack & Bulgarian split squats with dumbbells – 20 x 4

Wide-stance heavy squats (squat rack) & Good mornings (with free bar) – 15 x 4


Single Leg Hamstring curls – 15 x 4 


Landmine Squat & Cable deadlift pull through – 15 x 4



Deadlifts & Box jumps – 20 x 4

Cable Kickbacks & Set-Up to reverse lunge with weight – 12 x 4 

Courtesy Lunges & Kneeling squats -15 x 4

Side shuffles with band & jump squats – 15 x 3

Stair-master (15 minute cool-down)

It takes me approximately an hour and a half to complete the entire workout, but it might take you a bit longer if you need to rest in between.

Try it out and thank me later!












Author: ManuelaMariaC_

I'm a digital tech nerd with a passion for fitness, nutrition and a healthier life style! You can find me in every social media site, but check out my blog first! www.healthybodyfitmind.blog

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