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Cooking A Fitness-Friendly Full Course Meal For Two

For starters, you and your partner want enjoy what you've prepared without feeling guilty afterwards. Also, you want your partner to be impressed with what you've cooked and ask for a second round. Whether you accept it or not, you are trying to impress them with your wife skills.

Cooking a meal for your significant other is no joke, especially when they’re as calorie conscious as you are. You can’t just put two pieces of chicken and some broccoli and expect them to be amazed with your cooking. Let me tell you, trying to find the right balance between taste and health is an art.

For starters, you and your partner want to enjoy what you’ve prepared without feeling guilty afterwards. Also, you want your partner to be impressed with what you’ve cooked and ask for a second round. Whether you accept it or not, you are trying to impress them with your wife skills. So, how do you pull off a meal like that? Well, let me give you some ideas.

Before you ask, let me clarify that I am single. However, I cook for my brothers and the rest of my family every chance I get. Trust me, I care more about impressing them than some boy that has just come into my life. So, I have plenty of experience in cooking healthy meals for people I love. However, for today’s purpose lets assume that I am cooking for my significant other.

The first thing you need to do is ask what your date is in the mood for. Do they want meat, fish, chicken or none of the above? If they tell you that they’ll eat whatever you make, don’t start to freestyle. Cook whatever protein you know they’re going to enjoy.

In my case, my fake boyfriend likes meat so I’m thinking about making an all-American meal. In my house, we don’t do entrees. Personally, I think that it’s too much food given the way that I cook. Usually, we eat the main course meal and dessert.

For my All-American extravaganza, the ingredients you’ll need are:

  1. 97% lean-ground beef
  2. 40 calories whole-wheat bread OR lettuce leaf
  3. sweet potato
  4. onions
  5. pickles
  6. tomatoes
  7. arugula/lettuce
  8. avocado
  9. seasoning: BBQ, black pepper, pink salt, garlic, onion, hamburger and red pepper
  10. eggs
  11. baking protein powder
  12. cinnamon
  13. sunflower-butter/almond butter/peanut butter

Once you’ve gotten everything on the list, let’s begin…


Take out the lean-ground beef and place it inside a bowl. Start massaging it as you pour in your seasoning so that the flavor can be tasted throughout. Everything I listed on the seasoning list should go in there. Once you feel like you’ve covered every part of the meat with seasoning, take out your scale so you can calculate the serving size. After deducting the weight of the plate, each portion of meat you use should read 112 grams, which is the proper serving size.

With each portion, create the shape of a patty so that it is ready to be placed in the pan or grill for cooking. Don’t forget to spray a little bit of olive oil so that the meat doesn’t stick to the pan. Place the meat on medium and let it cook on its own until it is ready to be taken out.

If you choose to use bread, I suggest using the 40 calorie whole-wheat bread and placing it inside the toaster for a crunchier effect. If you choose to do the lettuce leaf, wait until the meat is done so it can be placed on top of it.

While the meat is cooking, set your oven to 350 degrees. Slice your sweet potatoes as thin as you can possibly slice them. Place them on a tray with a little bit of olive oil spray underneath so that they don’t stick. For seasoning, use BBQ, salt and red pepper for best results. Place them in the oven as soon as the temperature is right and leave them in there for 20 minutes. Now, don’t just put them in there and come back 20 minutes later. Check on them constantly to make sure they’re not burning.

Once all of that is done, place your meat on a piece of bread (or lettuce leaf). Put some avocado on top of the meat before adding the other ingredients. Afterwards, add some sliced tomatoes, pickles, onions, arugula and whatever else you like on top of it as long as it’s some kind of veggie. Feel free to put the other bread (or lettuce leaf) to close your burger.

Take out the fries from the oven and put them alongside the burger. Be as decorative as possible in order to make a better impression.

For dessert, crack an egg into a bowl, add some protein baking powder with cinnamon, cover the bowl with those white microwave things and set it on the microwave for a minute. Once the cake is out, use whichever natural butter of your choosing as dressing.

Now, that’s the most basic meal I cook but it sure does the trick! For fancier ideas, stay tuned for upcoming post.






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