Water Is Everything!

Artificial flavoring has ruined your taste buds.

If you think that every drink that you have has to taste like something exotic like coconut or peach, reevaluate what you’re drinking. Let me remind you that drinks that taste sweet are because they’re made up of sugar and a number of other things you shouldn’t be drinking. They’re not good for you, so stop trying to rationalize your drinking habits.

I’ve heard people argue that the reason why they don’t drink water is because it tastes like nothing. In such cases, I always ask what water is supposed to taste like. Is it supposed to taste like a milkshake? Is it supposed to taste like your soda? No. If you’re not used to drinking water, I can understand why it might be a bit ‘taste-less,’ but then again…that sounds like a personal problem given your overuse of artificial drinks

Water is pure and refreshing. It comes from nature, not from manufacturing plants that try to sell you sugar in a bottle. Water is what your body needs to survive. It can do no harm.

If you need any convincing as to why you should drink water, I’ve taken the initiative to write some of its benefits for you.

  1. Aids weight loss – Several studies have found water to be positively correlated to weight loss since it keeps you full and has zero calories.
  2. Fluid balance – More than 50% of our body is made of water, which means that we need enough of it to keep our system functioning as it should. Water helps our digestive system, transports nutrients through the body, maintains our temperature etc.
  3. Flushes out toxins – Why are you drinking expensive detox remedies when you have water??
  4. Clearer skin – Water does wonders for your skin by flushing out toxins and preventing pimples. Trust me, I’ve experienced its benefits myself!
  5. Muscle fuel – If your muscles are dehydrated, they’ll become tired. Better be prepared to say good-bye to the idea of maxing out on weights if you’re not drinking enough water to help you push through.

Obviously, there are many more reasons why yous should drink water but I find these to be the most compelling for our generation.

Personally, I try drinking three liters of water DAILY. It’s done so much good for my body and my skin. If you have any problems with fatigue, acne or mood swings… please try drinking a whole lot of water. You might have to use the bathroom a lot, but trust me… it’s so worth it!




Author: ManuelaMariaC_

I'm a digital tech nerd with a passion for fitness, nutrition and a healthier life style! You can find me in every social media site, but check out my blog first! www.healthybodyfitmind.blog

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