Some Advice for A Recent College Grad

Whoever is reading this, I welcome you to my blog with open arms!

Now, you’re probably wondering why I chose to write about this subject out of the bloom, and to answer your question… let’s just say that I wish someone would’ve told me this before I graduated so I could’ve been slightly more prepared.

As a recent college graduate, I’ve encountered several obstacles that I wasn’t prepared for. Do your parents often remind you that “out there, in the real world, things are hard?” If so, do you ever truly listen to what they are saying? Or do you just brush it off like everything else? Well truth be told, things ARE hard once you’ve hit that stage in your life where you’re expected to fend for yourself.

Personally, I was used to having some control over my life before I graduated. I knew how much I needed to study to get the grade I had been aiming for. I could schedule my workouts whenever I felt like it, and I could choose what to do on a certain day. Most importantly, I could control how my life was at the moment – school, work, friends etc.

Nowadays, I have no control whatsoever!

So, to all my recent grads… here’s a little advice before you start to feel frustrated with how your life is going.

  1. Finding the RIGHT job in the industry you want to be in is TOUGH, so hang in there.

Please pay close attention to the emphasis of the “right job.”

I want to be very clear that there are numerous jobs out there, but finding the right job, whatever that may be, involves other criteria that is specific to each individual. Sometimes, you’ll receive an offer for a job you believe your overqualified for (believe me, I’ve been there) and none for a job you actually want. It’s natural to feel frustrated, but trust me…you’d much rather find a job you love rather than accept an offer for a job you know you’re going to hate. I’m not going to lie to you, job hunting requires time and a thick skin because not everyone will want to hire you. All you can do is hang in there, take the good with the bad and keep trying.

     2. You don’t know everything.

Yes, you did graduate from college. Congratulations. Now, welcome to the real life where your GPA is nothing but a number on a resume you hope recruiters will notice. Even though you have spent four years of your life learning about your field of study, you’re not an expert. There are people with more knowledge and experience than you will ever have, so be humble and a great listener. Don’t face life with an arrogant attitude. You might have been the best in school, but textbooks don’t dictate real-life circumstances, so always be willing to LEARN and EVOLVE.

     3. Don’t get comfortable.

We’re all tired. I get it. It’s easy to be complacent once you’ve gotten a degree because you ‘did it.’ Truth be told, you’ve done nothing but get to the start line of this wonderful, crazy, ever-changing race we call “LIFE.”  If you want to achieve your goals, your work is just beginning, so get used to it.

     4. Learn to accept the unknown.

Like I mentioned previously, you will never have that degree of control in life like you had in college under your parent’s safety net. One minute, you might be screaming of joy because you got a job. The next minute, you find out you have a three-hour deadline on a project that’s not even your own. Get used to the unknown. Learn to live with it.

     5. Never lose sight of what you want and where you want to be.

I think this is by far the most important advice I can give you. Getting discouraged by how things are going – not getting a job, living off boxes, not having enough to eat – is normal, but it’s not forever. Trust me when I tell you that if you fight the struggles you face, you’ll eventually rise above them. It takes time and perseverance. I know that once you got out of college you thought you could change the world (I know I did), but then life slapped you in the face. Although the initial blow is hard, you have to keep going.


I hope you take my advice to heart because you’ll eventually fully understand what I’m talking about.

Everything I’m writing about is a mirror of my life at the moment, so I thank you for reading this and look forward to the many experiences we will share in the future. If you want to share your experience, I’d be more than happy to listen.




Author: ManuelaMariaC_

I'm a digital tech nerd with a passion for fitness, nutrition and a healthier life style! You can find me in every social media site, but check out my blog first!

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